Monday, December 27, 2010

Perfect Joint System

finally a joint system of my own which is working great (probeblly will be available for sale in my shapeways shop soon)


  1. SOLD!!!!!! When when when when when? Expensive?

  2. well Ill first have to do the spring project first and that would be a test for these new joints and then it will be available on my shop
    but till now i didnt deside for the price no it will not be expensive well i try to make it cheep
    but will see
    thank you for your support Shelley ;)

  3. Oh, thanks so much for that info, Mani! I will wait for Spring to excitedly try out your fabulous joint design.

    I'm planning on building my stop motion puppets over the next three months and so will likely have to settle for something less wonderful.

    But I firmly believe in the flow of things and will look forward to watching what comes forward.

    Be well, your fan, Shelley