Friday, May 13, 2011

Nolanders in Gothenburg

Nolanders are presented at the city museum of Gothenburg from 14 till 24th of may

this is the Project description:


Every 156 years they appear in one city.
It’s unknown where they come from but they normally choose the cities
that are able to fit their body and mood condition. They shape their shell
based on the characteristic of the city element. They use their body in
efficient way and they adapt themselves based on citizen’s mood and
behavior. This time they choose Gothenburg .An easy going and friendly
city in south east of Sweden.They used the shapes of curved windows that are spread almost all over the city center of Gothenburg. They think it’s friendly and warm enough.Although shy but they are very happy to see you here at the City Museum
of Gothenburg.

I am interested in mixing the old traditions of craftsmanship and new
modern technology. I do reflect this interest on toys and characters which I
design and create. Nolanders is my first attempt of relating characteristics
and moods from a city to imaginative characters. They are made of
handcrafted walnut wood and oak mixed with 3D printed parts entirely
designed and realized with help of computer aided design softweres.