Friday, September 20, 2013

Nonoton by Mani Zamani

Miss. NoNo is a fashion model working for a huge brand in a big mobile futuristic vessel. The company is in a financial trouble and she is facing hard pressure from her organizer to promote the brand. She decides to run away without attracting the paparazzi. She uses a shipping cargo wooden box to get out of the vessel without knowing that another creature is also inside that cargo shipping box. Without knowing what she will face in the outside world…

This is a two volume Graphic novel in e-book format based on a science fiction fantasy story with a heavy emphasize on Ecology. Each volume contains 68 pages.

 This 2 volume illustrated e-book is intended for all ages from 7 years old and up. I tried to make this project enjoyable in terms of visuals and storytelling. a story for everyone. The story might feel na├»ve for us adults but there are many hidden questions in it that is directed towards adults. Some parts of the story need more explanation for children but overall it’s very easy for them to understand the concept. I hope both grownups and children can spend their time together discussing what this is all about.

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