Thursday, November 26, 2009

Classics of super robots and macross and gundam...

Grandizer was a huge hit back in the first 6-7 years of my life in North Africa and Middle East doe to its Arabic translation.surprisingly it is still airing in national television over there these days!! Well basically those years were the first years of giant robot invasions through my brain. I remember my elementary school or I guess even before that time my father gave me a video VHS cassette of Voltes Five for my birthday and that was amazing the first Giant robot combiner on TV in front of my eyes as a little kido , I have never saw such level of details and what 5 people riding different vehicles and boom they combine to form an awesome kick ass giant robot , that was enough for me to re watch that show, well some episode of it in VHS for hundreds of time. I guess around that period I started to bring my imaginations by coping voltes five on paper.
Secondary school was the period of satellite dishes and receivers and the magic of cartoon network and its awesome Robotech show (well back then I was not aware of Macross and the big problems between harmony gold and big west copy write issues so I refer it simply as Robotech for now) .Robotech and figuring out its Valkrie’s transformation technique was the main subject of my math classes in high school , sketching and doodling the math notebooks with those beautiful fighters and transforming them to what I refer the best transforming robot of all times, was an absolute joy. Coming toward my pre university, the internet area opens up my world towards all the information. knowing Robotech was basically the work of my all time favourite mecha designer Shoji Kawamori and its true name macross. Finding all the original artworks and starting to know all those great mecha and robot anime and designers was certainly an eye opener those days.

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